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About Us

We are researching additional products, services and learning opportunities we can provide. Please visit this Google Form and tell us how we can help you. 

Our commitment is simple - help you enjoy life with your pet by providing you with opportunities to spend time with friends, loved ones and pets. For us, Molly is a part of our family. While we have one dog, you may have two or three dogs. Nonetheless, Molly's Pet Store carries products that allow you to get outside with your dog and live the life you want.

Our pet leashes are made from retired climbing rope and are strong. So strong, I once used one of our leashes as a tow rope to pull out a car buried in the sand along the Pacific Ocean. (Please note that our leashes are not designed for this!) Using our leashes will give you the security needed to take your dog anywhere. We take Molly hiking, backpacking, skiing, sledding, snowshoeing and dog mountaineering. While we have been making leashes and experimenting with different styles for a few years, we have improved our design and have chosen design options we like, thus reducing the bulk and weight of some of our older designs. On a fun note, our leashes are named after a cool climbing route. Previous users of the rope shared their climbing stories with us and helped us name the ropes. Check out the store to view the ropes and their names.

While we have a variety of leash designs, we can custom build something for you. All of our leashes are made by hand. We don't use a machine to build our leashes like other companies do. To ensure our products are top of the line, we inspect each product to ensure it meets your standards. Our leashes are made by us so we know what we are selling you is high quality and will last. When used during normal conditions, the leash you purchase will last for years. (Normal conditions don't included towing a car on a sandy beach!) Our leashes will provide you with the peace of mind we all like when walking our dogs. 

Once you find what you’re looking for, we guarantee a smooth checkout and delivery experience with email support. Check out our selection today! Please note that quantities and supplies change based on what we have in stock and available. 

We have a passion for mountain biking and will share some of our adventures in the blog area of the website. To view more mountain biking adventures, visit our YouTube channel MTB Radley.


What Users Are Saying

We value you and your feedback. Read below to hear reviews straight from the source. Have a review or want to share something email, us at

I have the 4-foot Yosemite Leash and it has been so awesome to use! My Mini Aussie and I have been running with it daily the last few months. The leash has been dragged through rocks and cacti in the Tucson desert and the snow of Ellensburg and it holds up great! He likes to chew through all his leashes and ruin them, but with this he’s tried and has been unable to get through it or begin to make much damage at all. Not only is this a great idea to use recycled materials, but it’s a great product! I don’t think I’ll be using any other leash anytime soon.

Samantha DuPras

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