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Is Your Dog a Political Activist?

Emily attended the rodeo parade dressed the part. Molly too, with her support Nancy signs!

While the purpose of this blog is not to advocate for a political party or push a political agenda, Molly does like to be with us for any occasion that involves a walk. Molly and Emily walked in a parade over Labor Day weekend in support of a local candidate for office. She was a fan favorite of the parade. So many people wanted to pet her. She walked for a couple miles and over 100 people reached out to pet her. While there was some initial concern, she handled it like a champ and started to lean into the people loving on her. She has come a long way.

She got in her much needed exercise that day. Thankfully, the weather was mild for early September and she wasn't too hot. No worries, she had access to water while out and about that day. Emily grabbed a new 7' leash and Molly tested it. She approves. She likes the extra freedom she gets from the longer leash. It gives her a chance to walk ahead or explore with her nose. She loves to do this! If we let Molly set the pace for many of our walks, our 30minute walks would go a couple blocks instead of a little over a mile.

Molly was a rescue and a hot mess when we first got her. She did love walks right from the get-go, especially long walks. We tested the waters with a number of activities including a local Christmas parade. We took her to a parade within the first 4 weeks and it didn't go well. I ended up taking her back home. It was just too much for this sweet girl. Too much stimulation, loud noise and people. We learned a valuable lesson that day, she needed more time to adjust. She had been abandoned by her previous owner and family so we took her in as foster parents. We quickly fell in love with her and the previous owner laid the ground work for us to keep her. We'll share that story some other time.

Today, she is a loving member of our family and we are thrilled that she has chosen us too! With time, patience, energy and a little training, any dog can adjust its behavior and prove to be an excellent companion and family member. Molly, while opinionated and bossy at times, shows us love, forgiveness, joy and companionship. We are grateful that we stayed with her and grateful she gave us a chance. We know that she appreciates us, she shows us everyday. She even gives us a little advice on how to treat each other. She is a smart girl. Thank you Molly for believing in us. We believe in you.

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