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Dog Jacket Review

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

We recently picked up a jacket for Molly. She has lost some hair undergoing chemotherapy treatments the last few months and she gets cold now when we play outside, especially since it's winter up here in the Pacific Northwest. We have a couple jackets that work well for walks in town or a visit to the dog park, but we were lacking a warm jacket she could wear when we are out for a hours playing in the snow. While she doesn't get in the mileage she used to, she still get a few miles and a few hours of snow time! After some research, we decided to give Ruffwear a try. We picked up the Hybrid Powderhound Jacket. Here are some photos.

Here is the description from the Ruffwear website. The Ruffwear Powder Hound™ is a hybrid jacket that offers the warmth of synthetic insulation with the range of motion of technical stretch fabric. This weather resistant and insulated jacket is ideal for cold-weather activities.

Jacket features include a softshell-like fleece underbelly and side panels that stretch. The top of the jacket has a thick pad of insulation to cover her back to keep her warm on cold winter days. The jacket does help protect her from the wind, and it does shed light snow and rain. We like that it moves with her and it doesn't seem to chafe her anywhere. The jacket has a zipper versus the pullover style. This does make it easier to put it on her as compared to a pullover jacket or sweater. The zipper is located along her left side and has a flap that helps keep her hair out of the zipper as you zip it up. This feature works well for Molly. Dogs with long hair might require the owners to do more work to keep the hair out of the zipper. It's a nice YKK zipper so it works well, is easy to use and should last for a long time. The jacket has reflective trim on the back and the Ruffwear name lights up under headlights or headlamp as well. This has proved great for cold night walks. The jacket also has a light loop for attaching The Beacon™. Molly has a collar that lights up for nighttime use. We call it the dance party collar. It lights up and will even blink! We also wanted to point out that this jacket does not interfere with her collar so it's easy to attached the leash or remove the leash so she can run free and explore.

Our favorite thing about the jacket is that we can take Molly with us skiing and snowshoeing in the cold winter snow! We love it when she gets to join us. She is staying warmer with this jacket than others we've tried. We are quite pleased with it and Molly seems to like it too. Here's a video of Molly showing her enthusiasm with her jacket in the snow.

If you choose to pick up the Powder Hound jacket from Ruffwear, we hope you like it as much as we do. If you're in the market for a strong, durable leash, we have a large selection of options to view. Visit our shop to learn more. Based on Molly's recommendation, we have added a travel checklist and a dog sitter planner in the form of a digital product. Both of these should make it easier to leave important notes for your dog sitter or a nice checklist of things to bring when traveling with your four-legged loved one. If you like them both, save money and get the bundle. Be well and stay safe!

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