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To Adopt or Purchase from a Seller?

When it comes to adopting, it's not an easy decision for everyone. There are several factors to take into account. Do you have a family? What type of place do you live in? How much do you want to spend? Do you want a specific breed? Are you looking for a working dog? Does bloodline matter? Relaxed and kid friendly? High strung with the need to burn energy. How about a show dog? The list of questions doesn't stop there. Maybe start with why you are looking for a dog. Are you looking for companionship? Does your family want a dog? Do you want a dog to help you hunt, run cattle or run sheep?

If you are looking for a working dog to assist you with hunting, ranching or farming, you may find what you are looking for at an animal shelter or humane society. However, finding a quality working dog through an adoption agency is rare. It's a great place to look and I encourage everyone to check their first. There are a lot of great dogs at shelters and you just may find what you are looking for.

If you are looking for companionship, there are a lot of options out there. Shelters all over the world have loving and caring dogs ready to find a home with the right person. Great companions come in many shapes, sizes and personalities. Take Molly for example, she is 50 lbs, loving, caring, likes attention but also enjoys times of independence. She gets anxious and nervous, and she looks for assurance from us. Most of all, she is happy to claim us as family and happy that we chose her. Whether you are looking for a dog that will fit in your purse or a 150 lb canine who thinks he/she is a lap dog, there is one out there for you!

If you're in the market for a specific breed, finding a breeder is your best option. Purebreds rarely show up in a shelter or care center for animals. Purebred dogs are very popular and can be worth a lot of money with accurate documents and a pedigree worth spending some serious coin. If pedigree is important for you, searching out a well-known breeder or blood line is what you are looking for. Here are a couple options for those of you looking to find a pedigree pup &

Please note that I am not receiving any compensation for referencing you to the links in this article. I simple searched the internet for some options. These two, at least on the surface, appear reputable. Please do your research before giving your money to another party. Pedigree dogs are often for sale and not typically presented as up for adoption.

There are breeds out there with temperaments ranging from mild to high strung. Choosing the right temperament for your home situation is important. If you have small children, don't get outside much or travel a lot without your dog, choosing a high strung dog may not be the right fit for you, your family or the dog. A high strung dog needs attention, needs to play and needs to be active. Allowing your dog to run or go on long walks is important. When high strung dogs that don't get the exercise they need, they will manifest that energy in other ways you may not appreciate. For example, they may chew on your shoes, furniture, your kid's dolls or toys. This will frustrate you and you will likely discipline your dog. In reality all they often need is a little exercise. Most dogs like to play and socialize with their people and other dogs, unless we train them to behave differently. Shelters and adoption agencies have the full spectrum when it comes to temperament. Breeders do as well.

Spending time with your dog will deepen the connection between you two, whether you adopted or purchased your dog. This often leads to a more well-behaved dog. Unfortunately, it doesn't always, but it often does. Dog training classes are a great way to get the dog some exercise and focus its brain on performing tasks and getting them to understand who is in charge. Spoiler alert, dog training classes often benefit the owner(s) as much if not more than the dog! Some dog breeds need to keep their minds active, this keeps them smart, active and paying attention to their owners.

Adopting or purchasing a dog are both great ways to find a companion and loving, loyal dog for you and your family. People have different needs and wants and there is sure to be a dog out there for you. Shelter dogs find themselves at shelters because owners no longer want a dog, can longer care for the dog or the dog is not the right fit them. Please consider visiting a shelter when looking for your next dog or first dog. There are thousands of loving dogs at shelters that need homes. Once you pick the right dog and bring him/her home, check out our store for the perfect leash for you and your pup, as you'll certainly need one.

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