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Leash Types

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

In the market for a new leash? Not sure what kind to get? Wanting to learn more about different leash types? There are several different styles. We won't look at all the styles, but here are some of the more popular leashes out there. We look at a popular style, a couple training options and the worst one on the market.

several dogs on several leashes
Which leash should you buy?

The Standard Lead

This is by far the most popular style leash on the market. You can find this lead made of rope, webbing, chain-links or leather. Avoid the rubber or bungie versions of this leash! It's typically a fixed length with a hand loop on the end of it. You can find it with additional features like welded rings, carabiners or adjustable buckles for varying the length of the leash. This type of leash is great for most dogs and it pairs well with dog harnesses. With a slightly longer leash, the user can hold the loop in one hand and hold onto the leash somewhere in the middle with the other hand. This technique allows you to shorten the end that goes from you to the dog, giving you greater control over your pet. Great for increased control, safety and security while giving you the option to adjust your grip and lengthen the lead on your pet.

This is the style of leash we make here at Molly's Pet Store. We have found that it gives us the security we need with our pets and we are hearing the same thing from our customers. We use recycled climbing rope and other hardware to build them. We can't say they are 100% recycled because we use heat shrink to protect areas of the leash. Some of the material is donated and some is purchased, but so far most everything is recycled material. We are looking into finding heat shrink made of recycled material. If you know where we can get some, let us know. Wouldn't it be great if you could purchase a dog leash made of 100% recycled materials! Click here to learn more.

Gentle Leader

This leash is designed to have on end fit over your dog's nose and the other end in your hands. The nose loop redirects your dogs head toward you when your dog pulls forward. This prevents your dog from pulling and thus gives you his/her full attention. Be careful with this type of leash. Being aggressive with your pulls and leash commands can injure or chafe your dog. Gentle direction is plenty enough for your dog to respond using this style leash. When used properly, it's a useful training tool!

Slip Leads

Many people enjoy the slip lead style leash. This leash fits over the dogs neck and tightens if the dog is pulling too hard. This leash is also known as a training leash. Training is the common use for this leash type. Some people don't like it because there are similar designs called "choke chains" on the market. Essentially, the leash tightens around the neck of the dog making it more difficult for him/her to breath. The idea is that the dog learns not to pull so hard and look for direction from the owner on how to behave. You may choose this style or not. It's your choice.

Retractable Leashes

These leashes have a mechanical device inside a plastic body that allows the leash to spool out when the dog pulls and then retracts the line when you don't need as much leash. They often have switches or toggles that allow you to "lock" the mechanism so the line does not retract or feed out. Our advice on this type of leash, avoid it at all costs. It has gained popularity because pet owners like the long leash ability and the retractability of the leash. It gives owners a false sense of security with their pet. When your pet is 15', 20' or 30' away from you on a long line, you have no real control over it if you are relying on the spooling mechanism to assist you and your ability to bring your dog back to you quickly. You are better off putting your dog on a long standard lead and working with rope coils. You will have much better control in this situation. Additionally, the larger rope leashes allow you to grab it tight and pull. The retractable leashes use really small rope that "cuts" into your hand causing a fair bit of discomfort during times of hard pulling or directing of your dog. Not fun. Also this type of leash has put many dogs and dog owners in dangerous situations over the years. Dogs and humans have been injured because of this leash. One last note, if you run with your pup, run away from this leash. It will only cause problems for you.

Please share your opinions and ideas on your leash experiences. We'd like to learn about what you look for in a leash so leave a comment below! Check out our recycled climbing rope leashes over in the store. They are colorful, stout, well-built and provide security for you and your pet. Walking worry free with your pet on a family walk a great feeling. You'll never be worried about the security of your pet while using our leashes.

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